Sintra/Mexilhoeiro/Casal Pianos

This is how certain corners and projects of the “Serra” are…sharpely portrayed by the lenses and Sintra knowledge of the local boulderer and friend Ricardo “Macau” Alves.

The same project, Vietcong; just the initial dyno move is lacking execution. Destined to be another Sintra “Ex lybris”.

After sesh dinner in the heart of the forest. Some of the Boulder Sintra Team: Helenita, Susana, João, Digas, Ed, Flash, Rita, Cuca and Macau (behind the camera as usual!).

At the summer venue Baía do Mexilhoeiro, Digas having a go on Americanóide.

Macau re/sending a classic and refurbished (by hold brake) Endomorfismo.

Yurgen is around!

Susana having a late afternoon attempt on Sensual Visions, at Mexilhoeiro. Helenita (spotting) ticked, finishing a long time affair that had her day dreaming even under the granite boulders of Val di Mello. Ph. by Teresa

 Topping out a large traverse.

Digas practising cams placement at Casal Pianos’ cracks.

A hot afternoon spent searching bouldering lines at a sea level platform, rehearsing delicate gear placements on an old project Paixão Negra E5 6b; headpointed a few days later with milder conditions. One of the finest climbs in Casal Pianos: nice and exposed moves near the deck – technically demanding. Along with the already existing quality crack climbs; this, and a few other committing routes are defining the future of Portuguese trad ethics with this amazing setting as lab (here partially displayed…).

 Can happen while venture surfing with good friends, getting to know a bit more of the Portuguese litoral; luckily enough not far from civilization. Ph. by André Fonseca

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  1. Sintra misses you guys!! Abração

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