Val Masino

After our friends from Melloblocco left, the storm too, and a couple of days later enthusiasm was back with dryer conditions and with it, exploring the other potential of the valley: the routes. The historic Sasso Remenno sector became our daily meeting point with friends and locals.

Apart from the rocks that fill the valley ground, are the side slopes and top needles – surround us as far as our eyes can see –, Val Masino also has us entertained with other local specialities. We were introduced to the traditional Genepi by our friend Angelo. It’s a home made beverage done of alpine plants like Artemisia Borealis – being the result as varied in flavour as its components can be – and, perfect after a dinner of Pizzoccheri della Valtellina. A very nourishing pasta made out of black wheat flour and cooked with potato slices in a butter and cheese sauce. A nice meal after climbing! It was also interesting to listen Angelo’s stories and knowledge on minerals hunting.

A cold week (enough to freeze the olive oil during the night) with clear skies has passed and it seems that a new wave of rain is arriving. “Pecatto tempo”, but we’re staying as we’re enjoying living here and the valleys still have a lot to show us. Capito?!

A few big boulders…Sasso Remenno and surroundings!

Marco cracking this problem at Tendinite dello Yeti.

Ribière finding his way on the same boulder…Allez Philippe!

Sending Andrea si è perso 7b. Very different grip than that of Melloblocco guys!

Night shift at our gipsy camp; Philippe onfire.

Morning time…Ivana, Cuca and Marco. Ph. by Philippe Ribière

Lo Scivolo, Deserto Nero 6b 20m.

Hélène tops out an unamed line at the Scivolo area.

Refilling with quality water.

Sergey “sergi” with a quiet companion, preparing an attempt to his Sasso Remenno project 8c+/9a?. Lately sent. Congratulazioni mAtTo!

And now for something completely different: sauna at Polifunzionale della montagna!

When washing the dishes becomes everyday fun (no worries, biodegradable soap!).

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